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Postal Assistant or Bank Clerk, which one is a better job

Date: 20 Jul 2011   Group: Job & Recruitment Consultancy    Category: Government Jobs   

Hello Sir,

I want to know that which is better job, postal assistant or bank clerk?. Postal Assistant and bank clerk, both are Clerical level employees while salary of Postal Assistant in India is near about 17200 where Salary of Bank clerk is Near about 13000. But if we see the reputation then Bank clerks get it first. So please tell me that which is best among the two clerical cadres.

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Author: Sreekumar Nair    22 Jul 2011      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 2    Voting Score: 0

Dear Rout : No doubt, bank job is better than postal department. It is true, remuneration may be less now in Bank job compared to the P&T; but the career in Bank is much faster than the other one. If you are willing to move around and quick to grasp things easily, supported with some additional qualifications you can reach a higher level in Bank later.
Author: S.Manoharan    02 Dec 2011      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 5  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

Dear Bishma,

Both the jobs you specified are good. But, We have to consider the following things. Which job among two has the following and satisfies that may be opted as the best job among two jobs that you specified (Postal Assistant and Bank Clerk)to servery.

1. What ever the job that you are going to opt must have "JOB SECURITY". It is more important.

2. The job satisfactions is also important to work peacefully. The monitory benefit will be secondary.

3. The job must have promotional features.

4. The job must have facilities like Medical allowances, Loan facilities and some insurance polices for their employees.

5. The job should hold many work places to easy access of the place of work.

By Considering the above, I would like to suggest the "Bank Clerk" post is most opted one than the "Postam Assitant" post.

With regards,

Active member of NR.


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