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    Formalities to get a job abroad


    Could you please help me with what is the eligibility criteria to get a job outside India in terms of education background & visa.

    And is there any scope for an HR professional to get a job in America?
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    America! land of opportunities i must say

    hi neetu

    first of all let me clear one thing if you are looking forward to work in abroad thats very good thing but you must convince the interviewee that you are worth to be taken as employee.

    you must have something extra in you like special skills that they are in need of because this is the only way they will send you offer letter from there.

    foreigners are very much straait forward in terms of business if they see you are good they will give you a good response on the interview other wise better luck next time.

    basically this is how this thing works or this worked for me!
    you upload your resume to their company's website or contact them through email

    if they find your qualification meaningful they will contact you and give you date of online interview. (in my case it was on skype)

    if you crack the interview you will get job offer letter from them and you take it to american american embassy which is in new delhi.

    people over there at embassy will validate your job letter and take a small interview of you
    including following questions
    why are you going there?
    when you will come back?etc.

    they will provide you visa on your passport

    happy journey.

    what i suggest you is get minimum 2 years of experience in your relative field and gain as much as knowledge you can and then apply for it ok

    All the best!

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    Welcome to the best site where you can learn everything that relate to jobs. Getting a job abroad is not an easy one as you have to meet up with the country's immigration requirements.

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