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    Sudden disappearance of my job posts and related points

    Hello Editorial team,
    I have been a member of Newrecruitments site for a pretty long time. I had posted several jobs here which got approved and I was allotted points as well as cash credits. I had more than 350 points and cash credits around 215. I was inactive for last 4 months and when I logged in today, I was surprised to see my points being reduced to 5 (and even membership level has been degraded to Bronze). When I search for job postings under my name, I don't find any. Though cash credits remain same as earlier i.e. Rs.215.

    The strange thing is that I haven't received any related notification from editors of I am surprised to see this behaviour being meted out to an old member of this site. I will sincerely request you to please check details and let me know the reasons behind sudden disappearance of my job posts and associated points.

    Many Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla
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    Hello Bhakti Savla

    Restructuring of the site is under process and hence the difference in points and cash credits. I request you to refer this thread for more details. 'Reasons for Difference in Cash Credits and Points'

    Since we have few active members, I thought to inform everyone through chat. But I couldn't get you online. Anyway sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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    Hello Sowmya,
    Thanks for clearing the air. I was inactive for quite a while and hence I was unaware of the restructuring thing. I shall be active onwards and try to make a fresh start as far as the membership level is concerned.

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