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    Restructuring of New Recruitments: Difference in Cash Credits and Points

    Dear Friends

    As a part of restructuring of the site, old temporary (non-traffic fetching) articles has been deleted. Due to this mass deletion, old members will find a drastic change in member level (points) and on cash credits. But not to worry, we have noted the active members cash credit balance well ahead and this will be compensated upon reaching the cash payout level. But however we could not do anything regarding points (Member level).

    NR Members Revenue Balance as on 05.10.2013

    Balance: 373
    Points: 4065

    Sowmya Sriram
    Balance: 955
    Points: 9701

    Namita Terse
    Balance: 362
    Points: 2458

    Balance: 345

    Aamir Shahzhad
    Balance: 137
    Points: 206

    Balance: 266
    Points: 347

    Pooja Singh
    Balance: 826
    Points: 3271

    Om Prakash
    Balance: 255
    Points: 1484

    Bhakti Savla
    Balance: 215
    Points: 353

    Priyabrata Das
    Balance: 227
    Points: 848

    Balance: 133
    Points: 4101

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Balance: 242
    Points: 1914

    Madhur Malik
    Balance: 544
    Points: 755

    New changes in

    Now members are requested to post jobs in Job section in appropriate categories instead of resource section. Now the resource section is allowed only to post career guidance, soft skill articles. Upon request to Webmaster, access will be given to post career guidance articles on resource section.

    I have informed members who are active in NR through chat. Few people I couldn't get online. But anyway I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused from my side, and hence this thread.
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    Hello Sowmya,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I was inactive for last 3-4 months and hence didn't know about the restructuring thing. It is good that our cash credits have been taken into consideration, though it would have been nice if our points had not been deleted. Anyways, we shall all make a fresh start as far as the membership level is concerned. Good luck to all!

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    Thank u sowmya for your kind attention...

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    This is a good information passed to members of this site. I believed the members will have noted this and acted according to your information. Please what should new members do about this.

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