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    Want objective type questions and answers for HR

    I want objective type question and Answers for specialist officer H.R. (Human Resource Management) I am not getting it anywhere and my HR exam is very near. Please help me out on this.
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    Some Questions regarding Specialists Officer HR Exam are:
    1. What can influence the Organization's Business Goal?
    2. What is the role of Hygiene factor according to Heisenberg Theory?
    3. How many steps are involves in Human Resource Planning?
    4. The full form of BEI in Interview process?
    5. What are the causes for unsound functioning of Indian Trade Unions?
    6. Hawthorne experiments were done by whom?
    7. Which communication is used for Flatter organization structures?
    8. Which assignment can be recommended for Career development?
    9. What are the factors that come under "Work Planning" that is component feature of HRD?
    10. Work attitudes can be reflected in an organization through which Criteria?

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