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    EFT for Adsense Indian Publishers - Good News for NR Members

    Hi Adsense members,

    Today, Google officially announced widely expected EFT system for Indian Adsense Publisher. This is of course a good news and proud to share with you (NR members), Indian publishers can benefit through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) system or Wire Transfer payment, effective March 2013 payment.

    How to set EFT for Indian Adsense Publishers? Read this official news from Google Adsense Team on EFT for Indian Adsense Publishers.

    Also, read some detail about the risks associated with enabling EFT for us.

    You can follow the steps given and enjoy this new facility from Google.
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    I think this is a great news to members as it will enhance the revenue base of the individual members and the entire site as a whole. The main issue is that of members adhering to the rules and instructions associated with this system.

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    Hi Adsense Members,

    Please find herewith EFT setting in Adsense account procedure.

    Follow the step by step guidance to get the things done.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    Thanks for important announcements! I have used the new payment system and got my payment for the February 2014 on regular payment cycle. Thanks to Google EFT!

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    This is a good resource that members can never ignored. I really want to know if foreign members of this site can benefit from this.

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    I have my account in UCO Bank. Is it necessary that my bank should support International Fund Transfer to get payment through EFT? Should I inquire first in my bank regarding receiving payment through EFT? Please clarify.


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    Yes, you can check with your respective Bank about EFT transaction. However, I suggest you to open SBI account which is very helpful in all aspects.
    Hafeezur Rahman

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