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    Job searching tips; employment

    Job searching tips; employment
    This is a resource that seeks to educate job seekers or the unemployed on how to search for jobs online and offline. It is very important to note that there are various ways that are opened to job seekers before they go about searching for jobs. There are many ways and it is very good encourage them not to limit themselves to a particular way. Therefore, here are some of the steps to take:-
    i. There is a need for the job seeker to prepare a very good and attention catching curriculum vitae (CV).
    ii. Spread the word. Tell everyone you know and meet that you are looking for job. This is also called "networking system of searching for jobs".
    iii. Contact recruitment agencies that operate database or headhunt for qualified job seekers for various job positions. It is also good for you to use business directory.
    iv. Read through newspapers, professional magazines and journals for job placements and advertisements.
    v. Search the internet for useful recruitment information. Also, be on the lookout for vacancy announcements on television and radio.
    vi. If you are not computer literate, go for computer training and also learn how to drive.
    vii. Join professional institutions that are relevant to your career aspirations to give you an added advantage.
    viii. Search for a job that balances the needs of your employers, your skills and your personal needs.
    ix. Remember, a search for job is not a one day effort. Prepare for all odds. Keep a positive attitude while the search lasts.
    x. Remain focused and courageous even when you failed one or two interviews.
    xi. Avoid companies with unfavourable environment and bad employment records.
    xii. See the recruitment manager or anyone who can be of assistance regarding relevant information. Contacts employers directly by submitting your curriculum vitae (CV) or application. Request to see the recruitment manager or anyone who can be of assistance regarding relevant information concerning your job search.
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    really really thanks for sharing keep it up

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    Thanks for your response. Please encourage people to look into this thread as it will helped in motivating them in the nearest futer.

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    Yes, These are useful tips for jobs. You should follow these tips to find a job.

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    Thank you for this response. I have seen the link I requested for in my other thread about how to get job in India.

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