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    How to handle job interview

    Job interview is a process designed to access the suitability of somebody or group of persons seeking fresh appointment, job and or higher post/promotion in an organization or company. Other words,the skills and experiences of the employee is put to questions and answers are preferred.
    This is one of the essential ingredients employed by many organizations to achieve maximum productivity.

    How to handle job interviews are :
    a. do not crack jokes about people you are staying with during interview, it is not perceived professional and it will do you no favour in your career development.
    b. practice your responses to the typical job interview questions and answer most employers ask.
    c. think of actual examples you can use to describe your skills and experiences.
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    You can handle it by knowledge and confidence. Both are necessary things for interview.

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    You are right but you need to read my resource on this topic in the article section.

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