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    My Interview For The Post of Manager

    Although I had bulk of experience in appearing for an interview but though it is said that it always the first time, I was a bit of nervous at that time but still confident from inside, I had given all the answers to the question but except one, that I hope here any one could help me out! So the question was

    Recruiter - Who's your ideal person?
    My Answer - Brack Obama

    Recruiter - Can you please tell me something about his biography?
    My Answer - Sorry, but don't know!

    So can any one suggest me if he asked me such a question what should I explain him? I mean while explaining answer what major points shall I discuss?
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    This is a good thread as it focuses on what happened in the interview process. It is very ideal for interviewees to really be prepare for interview. Good preparations brings good success.

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