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    Google Adsense - Clarification

    Dear Members,

    If you have any question related to Google Adsense, kindly let us know so that our expert will reply you on this. Due to often updates from Google on search engine algorithm, it is sometime hard to reply you accurately. However, Adsense user will reply you with latest updates.
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    How to get adsense approval quickly and easily? What are the basic requirement to get adsense account? It is my long time wishes to get it, please guide me.

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    You should have either your own blog or some contribution in website like this which is revenue sharing site and associated with Google, to apply for Adsense account.

    You can try to post some article in this site at

    And, you can post some latest jobs here at

    These contributions would help you to get some activeness, eligibility and showcase your talent in order to apply for Google Adsense account further.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    Thanks for reply. I will try to contribute in this site as I am a beginner and learning by seeing others post.

    I have my own blog where I post regularly that's what I would like to know to apply from there and get adsense approval from some tips given here.

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    Ok, nice to hear your response.

    It is nowadays tough to get Adsense approval from one's blog unless the blog has enough quality content, reasonable regular traffic, blogger's personal profile detail, disclaimer and activeness of the blog other than not violating any Adsense policy etc.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    Can we link hosted adsense account approved through ISC in NR?

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    Yes, you can try it here from your Dashboard.
    Hafeezur Rahman

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