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    How to clear in the interview?

    Hello everyone, I am new here, I want to know how to get positive response at the time of interview, What are the question that I have to prepare at the time of interview?.
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    Hi Pritam,

    Welcome to this (NR) site. Please find herein below brief answer for your question on Interview.

    1. Face to face conversation between the employee and the representative of employer, possible for few rounds of interview. It is depend on organization HR process. Mostly, interviewer will ask you, 'tell me something about yourself' after seeing you and your CV. So, make sure that your Bio-Data and you are well prepared and fit enough to shine for it.

    2. Need to Introduce yourself (Name, place of birth / state, Education detail in short (I have done B.A in Economics from Ethiraj College, Chennai from 2008-2011), Additional qualification detail in short (for e.g. I have done Diploma in Computer Application - date) and I have done Diploma in Tally version 6 etc.

    Sometime, they may give you any one topic to speak, so, don't worry, imagine anything on that topic logically and instantly then try to say it simply.

    3. Need to state, work experience if any (for example, I was working as Data Processor in Account's department at XYZ MNC company for 1 year (from / to date need to mention).

    4. Be prepared and ready to answer in case if they ask, 'why you want to leave that company?'. You have to state the genuine reason like My process come to an end so looking for a different process or suitable job. You may also tell, looking for better prospects, etc.

    4. Be prepared for an Aptitude test (if any) - it will be general / optional question / answer to choose from the option.

    5. Be prepared for Computer or Typing or Tally test (if any).

    6. HR Interview, to finalize the contract / agreement / offer letter. You have to tell the same what you said in Point # 2.

    7. Once selected, you have to be present at Induction hour/day. Pre-process training will start and you will get the operational activity once you are qualified for it.

    All the best.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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