There are lots of quest lines from the game that award Mastery Books

There are lots of quest lines from the game that award Mastery Books (20, 30, or both). The problem is that most of them do [url=]Maplestory Mesos[/url] in a rather large level. However, the Tynerum quest line that begins at 135 and provides 2 degree 20 and 2 degree 30 books is also very likely to be too late, and the silent crusade awarding a degree 20 book in the end of chapter 3, at level 135, as well.

I see two possible solutions to this issue: Change the quest lines to be reduced level. There will just be a difference between when one completes the prequests and when one can fight the boss. For your Silent Crusade, it could be altered to give the Mastery Book in the conclusion of Chapter 2 (flat 119) instead of Chapter 3 (135).

Change the pursuit lines to award some thing else. Most characters do not await the quest lines to provide them the books, but rather buy them with one of the above mentioned methods. By the time a quest provides the book, it is wasted (particularly since some of them provide untradeable novels). Better to replace it with something different.

If, for example, the Ghost Ship pursuit gave a exceptional Potential Scroll (100 percent) instead of the Mastery Book 20 it currently gives, [url=]buy Maplestory 2 Mesos[/url] would be a lot more useful and rescue many people from destroying their new Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge for absence of a suitable possible scroll.

Especially in Reboot, non-destructive potential scrolls are difficult to find and in very large demand. Having the Tynerum pursuit line award two of them (instead of 4 mastery books), that could be used on Gollux Rings or even Earrings (that can't be replaced if destroyed), would be an extremely welcome change.Maplestory Reboot Suggestions

Hey All! I am back in Maplestory after a long hiatus and noticed the new reboot upgrade (although not so new to some people)! Just a suggestion but it would be quite helpful to either enlarge reboot to all worlds later on or to make a purpose where we could move characters to a reboot world. I'm in love with my zero and can't imagine playing any other class because of it is play fashion, but unfortunately all my friends have begun playing reboot now! I would hate to have to create a whole new character. Anyways, I am sure many men and women think the exact same way I do and this has likely been posted about before.