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RSGOLDFAST -- Why fiddle with the area map so as to determine where a certain NPC is, or squander your valuable time searching for a particular mob when you're able to just go where you need to go? Auto Quest decreases the amount of time you will need to devote to meet Maplestory's often boring quests, so many of them which require moving back and forth between NPCs to relay messages, which means you can get more fun hanging out with your guild or exploring.

Each day, you are given a complimentary"2-Hour Charge" for Automobile Battle, a feature that makes it possible for a player's personality to automatically assault and kill anything mobs are about the map it is on. When Automobile Battle is turned on, your character will automatically browse around the map, attacking mobs, receiving experience points, and consuming resources in order to maintain your health and magic points.

Characters are not immune to death or damage during Automobile Battle, so should they run out of potions or are too feeble for the mobs they're facing, they will perish. Once Auto Battle runs out, you'll have to resort to actively grinding or handing over cash to exchange for crystals, the game's in-game currency, in order to lengthen your automobile Battle. It is ideal for players that wish to level up their character without having to put an active time investment to grinding.

My favourite element of these two new features is that allow you to multitask. Automobile Quest and Auto Battle are still run in the background while you mess around with other applications on your phone or do other things in Maplestory M. This was not possible from the original game. In case you wanted to level your character up, you needed to sit down and grind.