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    No more use of B and I for Bold and Italics HTML tags

    The world is nowadays moving on to the use of Semantic HTML which targets to reinforce the meaning of the codes in a given web page, instead of just their looks or presentation. As a result, we are changing our policies for the use of certain HTML codes in this website.

    HTML tags such as ‹b› for making bold typefaces, ‹i› for making italics typefaces shall not be used hereafter. Any articles with such coding shall be kept in pending until the correction is made.

    New sets of semantic HTML codes to be used

    1. For making bold, put the text within ‹strong› and ‹⁄strong›. For example, if you type ‹strong›this is a bold phrase‹⁄strong›, it will be shown as this is a bold phase.

    2. For making italics, put the text within ‹em› and ‹⁄em›. For example, if you type ‹em›this is a bold phrase‹⁄em›, it will be shown as this is a bold phase.

    3. If you need to cite a quotation in any case, use ‹cite›citation phrase‹⁄cite›. For example, if you write - Thou shalt not kill. [‹cite›The Ten Commandments‹⁄cite›], it will be shown as Thou shalt not kill. [The Ten Commandments].

    4. There is no semantic version of the ‹u› for underlining. You can use it, but only when badly needed and is no other alternative.

    5. ‹font› and ‹table› codes should strictly be avoided, only webmasters and editors are allowed to use them in specific cases.

    All members are requested to follow these new HTML sets hereafter.
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    Hi webmaster,
    what is the reason to introduce new semantic html tools here. Please reply to me.

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    The word Semantic means related to meaning. The Semantic HTML, unlike the earlier HTML, tries to look at the meaning of the text and the intention of the author, whereas the old HTML tags were just bothered about how the things look. You can call it an advancement in the technology of HTML.
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