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    How to earn from Website

    Hi, This is K K, new to this website.
    Can someone let me know, What are the different payment programs and timely contests that are available at this moment ?
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    Hello K K,

    Welcome to the New Recruitments family! Please let us be clear that we do not promise you huge money or a complete alternative livelihood, but you can truly earn a sizeable money by working a few hours. Here you can earn mainly through the three following ways:

    1. Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program - If you have a Google AdSense account, you can associate it Google AdSense revenue sharing websitewith this site and generate revenue from your content pages, i.e. user pages. You will enjoy 90% Google AdSense Revenue from your pages while we will keep only the remaining 10% of it (we give it back in various other ways, keep reading!). If you do not have a pre-approved AdSense account, you can apply for a new AdSense account through, provided you comply with the policies. For more details, please visit our Google AdSense Help Centre.

    2. Earn money by writing articles - For all articles on jobs and recruitments, we assign certain cash credits, or soft cash at par with INR. The amount is assigned by a team of expert editors, and can vary from 1 to 100 (sometimes even more) depending on the revenue generating potential of the article concerned (The editors guess the potential and give cash accordingly, but they are experienced and good at such guesses). The cash credits are accumulated in your profile, and you can get a payment to turn them into hard cash when you reach the minimum balance of 750.00 INR.

    3. As of now, we have no special bonus programs or contests running, apart from the Google AdSense Welcome Bonus. Keep checking our Official Announcements now and then to be timely notified when they are announced. Such contests might include a bonus for the top contributor of the month, a bonus for contributing otherwise to the growth of the website and public relations and so on. However, these are only promotional offers, and are meant to be surprise packages now and then instead of regular earning avenues.

    You might also like to check out a few help pages and guidelines regarding earnings and payments:

    (a) What are points?
    (b) What are cash credits?
    (c) How to receive payments?
    (d) How to hold my payment?
    (e) What is Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program?
    (f) How to get AdSense applications approved?
    (g) Why AdSense Ads are not visible to me?

    For further details, feel free to ask questions here.

    Happy earning!

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    Hi Kumaraditya Sarkar,
    Thanks for taking the pain in explaining all the features of the website.
    I'm actually interested in knowing
    1) Are there any active contests at this point of time ?
    2) What are the credits for Mock Exams ? Will it be per every question posted or for a full length test ?

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    Hello K K,

    No, we do not have any active contest at this point of time, but we are planning to have some within a fortnight or so. Secondly, we do not give any cash credits for posting exam questions, but Google ads are displayed there and you can earn from Google AdSense as mentioned above. As you see, if you post 100 questions and they generate $100 over a given point of time, you are having $90 of it and we will keep just $10.

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    I need a little help as to from where to get these information about Jobs and recruitments. Obviously I can't go to all professional company websites and find the information. So from where can I get this information. Also please mention what are the important parts that must be present in a Job notification for it to be of quality and get approved by you.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello thelostsoul,

    Please post new threads for your problems instead of any irrelevant one. Since you asked it here, I am answering it here.

    1. There are lots of job portals where you can get the summaries of various jobs. While they can work as the index, you can follow the link of the official websites from there and verify the data / collect more information.

    2. A quality job post must have some description about the job in full sentences, must mention the relevant dates explicitly such as the last date for application, and provide as many necessary details as possible such as total vacancy, pay scales, application process and so on.

    Another thing, can you please use your own name as the author name? That increases credibility to the website.

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    What is the tab of Job Consultants? How can we earn there?

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    It is not operational and shall be deserted soon.
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    this thread is most useful for me and I got some answers of my questions, also can anyone tell me that how many I earn and payout from this website?

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    Hello Suraj,

    You earn as much as you work. Our token cash credit is comparatively nominal, and the payout for the same is Rs. 750.00. A consistent writer with good SEO skills can easily make at least $50 per month from AdSense, as well as can reach the cash payout in every two-three months.

    As I have already said, this is no money making machine and you can't be a billionaire by working here. Instead, consider this a pleasant pastime which also earns you some money, and finally contributing to a second income of around two to three thousand rupees* at the end of the month.

    * For AdSense holders. You can apply for AdSense through us, having met the criteria, if you don't have an already approved AdSense account. Non-AdSense people can still make two to four hundred rupees per month as cash credits.

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