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    Icici bank interview may 2012

    Hi This is venky. I would like to share my ICICI interview and gd details with you. My gd is at 10 o clock in banglore on 14feb. Firstly certificates verification takes place and after that they selected 10 candidates for gd and they taken us to some other room. Our ICICI gd topic is 'social networking in our lives'. Duration given is 10 minutes initialized the topic and they selected 9 members out of 10. After gd they took 5 of them from our group to lab and asked us to fill opq once again because they said us that we are failed in opq. After filling they haven taken our interview which contains questions like where are you from? what your father doing? what is your family income?Are you willing to work anywhere in india? Will you work as salesman? You can go for software field, then why you have chosen for banking? Thats all. My interview was for nearly 2minutes. Now my doubt is because I faild in opq, is it reflect on my interview? They took interview for me for just 2 minutes only. Please help me. I am getting scared. I felt as if that interview was just for formality.
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    Hi, I have the same doubt because my interview lasted for just 3 minutes and the questions were so simple and expected. Anyway, when can we expect our results to be out.

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    Hi Sana, I have one doubt. Even for you they said that you are failed in opq? And where you have given your interview? I asked that interviewer to know my feedback, then he said you will be getting result in 15days and said no need of feedback. Anyhow based on previous programs we can expect our result by the end of march I guess.

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    I am unable to view my result. My Date of Birth is not accepted.

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    Rajneesh, which result? online test or interview?

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    Hi venky, there was no problem with my opq test because they did not ask me to give the test again. Where did you get the info that you'll be intimated about the results in 15 days?

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    Sana, I asked that interviewer who had taken my interview to give my feedback. Then he said no need of feedback you wil be getting results in 15 days but i think that's not true because last two batches got their results 20days before joining so I guess that we will be getting the result in april 1st week

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    Sana, where you have given your interview? Bangalore or some other place? and please mention your interview date also

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    Every organisation has their own way of judging the candidates. You should not get scared or disturbed by just one interview experience which has resulted in the distaste. Private sector banks usually go very fast and they tend to take quick interviews like the one which you had.

    I would suggest you to apply for nationalized banks vacancies coming from time to time being conducted by IBPS. They give better results and give you secured jobs. They are genuine too. Most of the private sector banks does this vacancy drama only to be popular among the masses.

    Rest is your decision.

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    Jyothi, thanks for your valuable suggestion and yes, i will apply for ibps exam this time and i got scared because that's my first interview faced in my life so little bit worried that's it and thank you once again for your suggestion.

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    Venkatesh, I wish U all the best for your interview, hope you are preparing well for the interview. Please let me know if you need any help in preparing for the interview. Any interview call that you have got so far from the banks listed in the advertisement and there are many others who have come up with the candidates showing their score card will be directly considered for the interview.

    Do let me know if you need any help in preparing for the same.

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    Jyoti, thank you very much for your guidance, I have not written IBPS Exam till now and is there any other banks recruitment without IBPS?

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    Hello Venkatesh,

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