Doing job in Kolkata? How's life? Can you take a market survey?

Can we borrow fifteen minutes of your life?

We're doing a market research on employees in Kolkata (we will do in other metro cities too) to have a clear picture of what job aspirants are looking for, and which jobs are doing better. We believe this will help us to deliver you better targeted jobs in our website. Could you please be benevolent enough to spare a few minutes and answer our questions?

This is not a paid survey. You do not earn anything at all from this.

But if you take it, your siblings, cousins, friends and your city folks might have a better career ahead.

If you are planning to give some false data, please do not take this survey. Can we rely upon you and believe that whatever you will be providing, is hundred percent correct?

If you are willing to take the survey, leave us an email to and we will send you the questions. All your information will be kept secret. Feel free to provide your mobile number too, you can at best expect a random cross check phone call, nothing more. No ad will be sent and no promotional offer will be shouted to your ears.

If you are one who took this survey, we really have no words to express our gratitude!