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    Can we delete our posts or resources later ?

    Hello Sir/Madam

    I want to know that, can we delete our resources or Posts later. I want to clear this because sometimes two people are writing on same matter on same time and someone will posts it few minutes before the other one.So the other resource is wasted. As it is happened with me several times. So please tell me how to delete Resources.
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    Hello Mr Malik, no article can be deleted by the user.

    You cannot resubmit deleted resources. However, in most cases, we like to give the author a chance to replace that duplicated post with a new article by moving it to new submissions or pending resources. In that case, you can rewrite it to present as a new article on a different topic.

    No duplicate post should occur if you follow our guidelines to avoid duplicate posts, join our Google group, and put a mail to We have been telling you this repeatedly. Sowmya has mailed you about this too. We have no idea why on earth you are not going for this easy solution. We look forward to have you in the group soon.

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    I like the idea of the Google group. It really helps as it saves a huge amount of time & effort. We would otherwise needlessly be searching the Net and getting details for an article which is already posted.

    However, I wish to clarify one thing in this regard. What about general articles related to careers or recruitments (such as career development & soft skills)? Is it necessary to inform the group? After all, more than one member writing on the same topic could be useful since there are bound to be differing views & aspects to one topic, not to mention variation in the style of writing & presentation.


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    Sanjyot Ji,

    For general topics, we do not need to inform others at Google Group every now and then. We can just use the Google site search feature to find out if there is any topic already posted. Go to Google and type topic name (for example "leadership skills")

    There can be more than one articles on such general topics, provided the theme and the title are not exactly same. These general career based articles can be seen from many angles and posted in many different ways. In fact, we would love to have a wide repertoire of related posts on a given topic.

    For example, we have an article on leadership qualities and team building. Related resources can discuss topics like -

    • How to develop leadership skills at home?
    • How do leadership and team building skills increase your business?
    • Top ten leadership qualities for would be entrepreneurs
    • Critical theories of leadership discourse (Plato, Trait theories, works of Stogdill, Mann etc.)

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