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    MCQ Master Awards for April 2012

    The April awards for the MCQ Master contest are as stated below -

    1. Akshay - Posted 1884 approved questions and will be given1884. However, for violating copyright policies to some extent, he will not be given the MCQ Master Award this month, and the award will go the next eligible person.

    2. Priyabrata Das - Disqualified for copied content.

    3. Jyoti - Posted 112 approved questions and will be given112 and100 as the MCQ Master Award.

    4. Omprakash - Posted 48 questions and will be given48.

    4. Madhur Malik - Failed to post the minimum 20 questions needed.

    5. Job Hunter - Failed to post the minimum 20 questions needed.
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    oh no! It's a bad luck for me. I should me more responsible about copyright content. It's a really very bad news for me.

    Anyway many many congratulations to Jyoti, Akshay and other MCQ award winners.

    Priyabrata Das

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    I admire your spirit to take things positively. Never mind, I can produce a whole list of great web authors and webmasters who started their career with spamming and copying around. It’s great to see you have taken things sportively and are posting. Carry on! Winners build their luck, so there is nothing called bad luck in winners’ dictionary. Keep going, and I’m sure lots of accolades are awaiting you ahead.
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    Why is this award being announced when the month of April is still ongoing? I don't think it is fair. It should be announced the following month after April month has ended.

    Another point I wish to clarify please: in the thread on suspension of members, it was clearly mentioned that the suspended members "shall not be eligible for any cash credits or award for any question for the month of April 2012" - so how come Akshay is getting the cash credits? This, too, is unfair on the part of the Webmasters to reverse their own rules!


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    Sanjyot Ji,

    The rewards are announced because we already announced premature closure of MCQ contest on 15th April 2012.

    Regarding your second question, we thought we should accept Akshay’s written apologies and thereby encourage him to go further and be a good contributor. We disqualified him for the100 award as a token punishment.

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