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    How to know your contents is being copied by others? We have a tool to check it!

    We have found some of our articles are being copied everyday by number of other sites. This will bring down our site traffic and google might consider those 'copy cats' as original content. This will harm our site reputation.

    So, on a regular basis, do check your articles for copied contents. If you found any of your articles are reproduced by other websites and blogs, then immediately file a DMCA complaint and get Google remove those pages from Google Search results.

    How to check for copied content? We have added a tool to help you in this regard. Visit your dashboard and look at the bottom. You will see a new group called "General Tools" where you will see a link named "Check Copied Articles".

    This page will show few lines taken from your article. You may click on one or more of those links which will be opened on new tab with Google search results for that selected piece of text. Check if the same text appear anwhere else in the search results. If it appear anywhere else, check the article carefully and if you found them copied by others, go ahead and file a DMCA notice to Google as well as the other site and get the article removed. Filing a wrong DMCA complaint might lead to serious legal issues. So be careful before you file a complaint.
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    This is a good thread raised by Sowmya and it will surely help members a lot in their online blogging. I really want you to produce this as an article in the article section.

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    The gold farmers I talked to're well aware that they are in Rsgoldfast runescape gold a precarious field of work, and they do not expect people to play knight-in-shining-armour when players opt to kick them down. It is an occupational hazard, and given the choice, they're willing to take their opportunities.

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    They like to appear RuneScape gold pretty Looks like isnt great enough and it shouldnt be good enoughThis change has been implemented many years back and the match was a beast That is a matter of making it harder to monitor and find An infamous hacker really managed to strike on reboot since he was off positions hacking and that he is certainly

    nothing could be done about him so theres an illegitimate on our host which although hes off rankings tarnishes the difficult work other gamers have set in I agree its something whichs great as it doesnt enable hackers to benefit off of hacking but exactly what I wanted to convey more ardently was that there needs to be faster and more

    severe punishment for these players that it is no logical that they continue to get lenient action for constant breaking of their ToS And if GMs had better tools off hackers this wouldnt even be an issue to begin withThen you can take up that Many of them are still on the forumsThe reason why I mention this especially is because the

    way it is being used is not how it should be Whispering someone to be certain they RS gold are not botting and to see whether they are at the computer is a good thing but if that is the only thing taken to assess if someone is botting or hacking what happens if this individual is there in the computer to reply If they can not locate the individual in

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    hey should in actuality accept by today that one-handed weapons are essentially consistently dual-wielded, and they should actualize off-hand

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