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What do you expect from a child during the visit that your school planned for Class-V students to Rajasthan?CTET Paper IEnvironmental Studies
Which stage of silkmoth gives silk?CTET Paper IEnvironmental Studies
The essential qualities of the social studies teacher areCTET Paper IISocial Studies / Social Science
Read the passage and answer the appropriate option which best explains the meaning of the discussion in the passage: “Evaluation is planned in the context of objectives and learning alternatives. If students are asked to describe the learning process, then describing the learning process should form part of evaluation. Similarly, if they care to solve problems, then evaluation should consist of problem solving. If they are asked to read and answer questions, then evaluation should consist of reading the answers CTET Paper IISocial Studies / Social Science
While teaching extensive and intensive cultivation, what are best options form the following will enable you to explain the topic?CTET Paper IISocial Studies / Social Science
What best explains about the reason of teaching social studies to the students?CTET Paper IISocial Studies / Social Science
Social studies can contribute to the entire development of the child due to:CTET Paper IISocial Studies / Social Science
While teaching EVS, if you experience that the students are not taking keen interest in the lesson. Which of the following method you will apply in the class room to create the positive atmosphere?CTET Paper IEnvironmental Studies
What does "Self regulation of learners means?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What is the weight of brain at the child's birth?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
How many bones are there in adolesence?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
There are ___ bones in babyhood.Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
When does the most intense and crucial socialization takes place in a human being?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What emotions are there in Neonate?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What should be the pulse rate of an infant?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The movement of breathing is ____ of an infant.Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What is the size of head and the body in adulthood?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What is the size of infant head?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
Heredity is considered as a _______ social structure.Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The normal height of an infant is _____Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What is the normal weight of an infant?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The theory of Constructivism states Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The last stage of child life is called _____Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
______________ is not an appropriate tool for Formative Assessment.Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The test related with Personality test is called _____Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
Which of the following are the stages of child development?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The period of childhood is from ____ to ___ Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The development of child is shown in _____stage.Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
There are ____approaches to solve the probklems related to child development.Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The Biographical sketch of infant was published byChild PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The most important problem of child psychology is ______Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The scientific explanation of child development was given byChild PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What is child psychology known as?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
Which is the best example of an anecdotal report ? Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What enhances the trial and error method of instruction?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What was Martin Luther’s greatest contribution to education?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
Which of the following educator advanced the idea of the five formal steps in leaving?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
What type of segregation leads to De facto school segregation ?Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
Whose educational philosophy states that “The individual develops through the head, the heart, and the hand”Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
The two most common assessment method are listed as follows for teacher's reference: Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
Teachers must keep in contact with parents to help them understand their children and to provide appropriate guidance to develop the pupils _______________Child PedagogyChild Psychology & Pedagogy
A set of standards by which servers communicate with external programs is called?Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
Which conversion type needs sampling of a signal?Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
Which are online resources that enable you to communicate with other microsoft windows user about issues and concerns with your computer?Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
Which utility helps you to create a copy of the information on your hard disk and saves original data in case data on your computer got damaged or corrupted due to malfunctioning of hard-disk?Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
Which process will you opt for when you don't have an e-mail account?Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
Which of these are some rules and regulations that have to be followed by users?Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
MCX-SX meansGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
Largest number of credit cards are issued by which of the following banks in India? Banking AwarenessSocio-Economic Banking Awareness
Ram has 3 piles of sand and Shyam has 4 piles of sand. If they combine them, how many piles of sand do they have?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning

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