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Almost all competitive examinations have General Knowledge or General Awareness where you have a test paper on Chemistry. You will find Chemistry mock test paper in all kinds of job entrance exams, ranging from Bank PO / clerical exams, teaching and faculty job exams, Staff Selection Commission or SSC exam, UPSC exams, IBPS Specialist Officers, NDA exams, Railway Recruitment Board exam and other many recruitment exams.

Here you can practise lots of Chemistry exam sample questions, Sample solved MCQ papers on Chemistry. Here you can take free Chemistry online practice test and this Chemistry objective type questions or Multiple choice questions will include topics on Periodic properties, Biomolecules, Carbonyl compounds, questions on p-Block elements, questions on d-Block elements, f-Block elements, Energetics, Electro Chemistry, Hydroxy Derivatives, Ethers, Dilute Solutions, Coordination Compounds, Chemical Equilibrium, Volumetric analysis, questions on Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis and many more only at New!

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Which of the following is the study of Oenology ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
The pH of tears is about?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which one of the following chemicals is known as the laughing gas?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which of the following antibiotics should not be taken along with milk?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
How much quantity of sucrose present in syrup ?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Chlorine is used as a disinfectant. The disinfecting action of chlorine is mainly due to -ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which of the following is chemical formula of lime water ?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which of the following is chemical formula of Bleaching powder ?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which of the following gas is used as a disinfectant in drinking water ?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
What is wolffia ?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Dynamo was invented by ?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which of them is the lightest metal ?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
The chemical name of vinegar is ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Diamond is a bad conductor of electricity -ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
On Hydrolysis of propyne in presence of H2SO4 and HgSO4 givesChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Sodium is kept under which of the following -ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Ozonolysis of Benzene yields-ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
What are the products after complete combustion of CH4?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
An Atom has 19 protons and 20 neutrons. What is its mass number?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which gas/gases is/are main reason for Holes expansion in Ozone gas layer in Atmosphere?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
With which Hydrogen can be combined directly withChemistryChemistry Aptitude
With which group Aufabu law is not valid ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
What percentage of gold is there in Fool’s gold ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Identify the paramagnetic from the followingChemistryChemistry Aptitude
What happens if the atomic number is increased in a period ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
The most acidic among the following is:ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which of the following groups may contain a metalloidChemistryChemistry Aptitude
The element having complete octet isChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Acetyl salicylic acid is commonly used as?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Freezing mixture may contain ice and?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
What are paraffins?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which substance is obtained by the hydrolysis of oil?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which one of the following is a biomolecule?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Number of amino acids that can be synthesized by the human body is?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
A solution of potassium nitrate is?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Magnetron is used for the production of?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
How is the degree of hardness of water expressed?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Copper Sulphate solution conducts the current by?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
The fertilizer essential for the growth of tobacco is?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Lack of essential amino acids in diet causes?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which is not an isotope of hydrogen?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
What is the chemical name of marble?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
The foul smell of rancid butter is due to?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Alcohols react with sodium to give?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Acetyl chloride reacts with ethyl alcohol to form?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Alcohols have generally high boiling points as compared to alkanes because of?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Ethyl amine reacts with nitrous acid to give?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Which one of the following compounds does not give alcohol on treatment with Grignard reagent?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
Acid or base catalysed hydrolysis of esters gives?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude
The intermediate product on hydration of ethylene with sulphuric acid is?ChemistryChemistry Aptitude

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