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A person travels 6km towards west, then travels 5km towards north ,then finally travels 6km towards west. Where is he with respect to his starting position?IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
A person's present age is two-fifth of the age of his mother. After 8 years, he will be one-half of the age of his mother. How old is the mother at present?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
Ayesha's father was 38 years of age when she was born while her mother was 36 years old when her brother four years younger to her was born. What is the difference between the ages of her parents?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11 : 9 respectively. What is Anand's present age in years?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
A is two years older than B who is twice as old as C. If the total of the ages of A, B and C be 27, the how old is B?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
What will be the ratio of simple interest earned by certain amount at the same rate of interest for 6 years and that for 9 years?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
A certain amount earns simple interest of Rs. 1750 after 7 years. Had the interest been 2% more, how much more interest would it have earned?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
Reena took a loan of Rs. 1200 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest. If she paid Rs. 432 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Rs. 13,900 divided in two different schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of 14% p.a. and 11% p.a. respectively. If the total amount of simple interest earned in 2 years be Rs. 3508, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?Quantitative Aptitude TestQuantitative Aptitude Test
She never visits any zoo because she is strong opponent of the idea of ......English Aptitude TestBasic English
Even if it rains I shall come means ......English Aptitude TestBasic English
Entomology is the science that studiesGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
If x=y=2z and xyz=256 then what is the value of x?IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
(1/10)18 - (1/10)20 = ?IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
Find the smallest number in a GP whose sum is 38 and product 1728IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 mins.If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank.IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day.How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job?IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
If 2x-y=4 then 6x-3y=?IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
A boat travels 20 kms upstream in 6 hrs and 18 kms downstream in 4hrs.Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the water current?IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
In which era's writings shows the earliest evidence of silver found in India ?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
From the given options, identify the top 3 debtors of the World Bank.General KnowledgeCurrent Affairs
Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu – this is the birth name of which famous personality?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
Name the first Indian spy satellite that will be operational by 2014 to keep an eye on neighboring regions?General KnowledgeCurrent Affairs
Sebastian Vettel drives for which of the following teams?General KnowledgeCurrent Affairs
A US-based leading manufacturer of high-technology integrated information, communication and sensor system solutions for military and commercial markets, has announced a joint venture with which one of the following Indian companies recently?General KnowledgeCurrent Affairs
The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has granted clearance to Jindal Power Limited (JPL) for its 2,400 MW power project at Tamnar, which is located in:General KnowledgeCurrent Affairs
In a certain code ‘na pa ka so’ means ‘birds fly very high’, ‘ri so la pa’ means ‘birds are very beautiful’ and ‘ti me ka bo’ means ‘the parrots could fly’. Which of the following is the code for ‘high’ in that language ?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
If it is possible to make only one meaningful word with the Third, Seventh, Eighth and Tenth letters of the word COMPATIBILITY, which of the following would be the last letter of that word ? If no such word can be made, give ‘X’ as your answer and if more than one such word can be formed, give your answer as ‘Y’.Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Sara lives in a large city on the East Coast. Her younger cousin Marlee lives in the Mid-west in a small town with fewer than 1,000 residents. Marlee has visited Sara several times during the past five years. In the same period of time, Sara has visited Marlee only once.Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
When they heard news of the hurricane, Maya and Julian decided to change their vacation plans. Instead of traveling to the island beach resort, they booked a room at a fancy new spa in the mountains. Their plans were a bit more expensive, but they'd heard wonderful things about the spa and they were relieved to find availability on such short notice.Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Window is to pane as book is toLogical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Statement: A large number of people in ward X of the city are diagnosed to be suffering from a fatal malaria type. Courses of Action: i) The city municipal authority should take immediate steps to carry out extensive fumigation in ward X. ii) The people in the area should be advised to take steps to avoid mosquito bites.Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Tanya is older than Eric. Cliff is older than Tanya. Eric is older than Cliff. If the first two statements are true, the third statement isLogical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Here are some words translated from an artificial language. gorblflur means fan belt pixngorbl means ceiling fan arthtusl means tile roof Which word could mean "ceiling tile"?English Aptitude TestBasic English
The Olympic Flame, was, for the first time, ceremonially lighted and burnt in a giant torch at the entrance of the stadium atGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
Which monument was constructed by Sher Shah ?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
Success in this examination depends _______ hard work alone.English Aptitude TestBasic English
By what name Ashoka is generally referred to in his inscriptions?General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
In one hour, a boat goes 11 km/hr along the stream and 5 km/hr against the stream. The speed of the boat in still water (in km/hr) is:IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
A person crosses a 600 m long street in 5 minutes. What is his speed in km per hour ?IT Aptitude Test and Logical ReasoningIT Aptitude Test and Logical Reasoning
Pictorial representation of data is called Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
_______ reduces the size of the type within selected cells for the contents to fit. Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
‘Fill’ cannot be done from ______ Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
______are the files in which worksheets related to a project are held Basic Computer KnowledgeBasic Computer Knowledge
Which one of the following countries does not have a border with China: General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
Who among the following has been named UNESCO’s National Ambassador: General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
India will have Forest Satellite in: General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
Who among the following has been declared as Businessman of the Decade: General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
Nuclear Submarine Akula has been handed over to India recently by: General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
North India’s first food Processing Park is being developed in: General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge

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