Defining Workforce Management: Its Optimization, Systems, and Software

Vexed about the definition of workforce management optimization? Learn from this wiki article what is workforce management planning, its objectives, systems and solutions, workforce management software tools and applications and more. Explore workforce management career opportunities, salaries, and job vacancies. Keep reading!

Workforce management is nowadays fast emerging as an important aspect of human resource management and making its space in the business education curriculum as a separate and unique field of specialization. Here in this workforce management wiki article we will discuss about the concepts and definitions of workforce management, various workforce management tools like software and applications, the objectives of workforce management and proper planning and so on. Let us first begin with a working definition of workforce management.

What is Workforce Management and Optimization?

Workforce Management Workforce Management (WFM), is a technical term from the field of human resource management to refer to the all encompassing skills and activities in order to keep up a productive workforce. It is also often called Human Resource Management System, or HRMS. In recent days the business industry loves to use a broader term for the same, workforce optimization, which provides insights into the performance of the workforce and at the same time finds out ways for its enhancement. While these might serve as workforce management definition jargons, we can describe it in the plain words as the managerial skill of assigning the right employees at the right jobs, also at the proper time, in order to optimize the production of an industry, an office or a business. While the basic concepts of workforce management might be age old, the emergence of workforce management as an unique discipline of education as well as a welcome skill for managerial jobs are pretty recent trends. The major aspects or areas of workforce managements include human resource (HR) administration, time and attendance management, career planning, training management, performance management, proper forecasting and making according schedules, and last but not the least, workforce tracking.

Field Service Management is yet another important aspect of workforce management that aims at timely and optimal dispatch of field workforces, like servicepersons or technicians, to the destined customer location, like the home or the office of the customer. The better and effective the field service management is, the more are both customer satisfaction as well as optimization of workforce. Effective field service management includes demand management that plans the work orders and dispatch of the staff; use of optimized and predefined work schedule to make the maximum out of the available resources like the staff, materials and vehicles; and finally a good communication in real time among the dispatched staff to smoothen the operations.

Workforce Management Software, Tools and Applications

The workforce management software market is relatively a new and unique one which might be still quite immature, but it is emerging fast these days. The basic concepts of workforce management began to develop by and by from the late nineties (however there were some concepts that might be defined as the predecessors of workforce management such as Chain Supply Management or CSM, Production Planning Systems or PPS, and most recently, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP), and the boom in the market of workforce management software, tools and applications is very much a recent phenomenon.

While ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SLM (Service Lifecycle Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and HR (Human Resources) management are mostly managed by dedicated software these days, workforce management is still mostly done manually in spreadsheets, which frequently results in high fluctuation rates and idle non-productive times. Using a software for workforce management will definitely allow the workforce planners to optimize the staffing procedure, and will also improve or keep up with the work-life balance. Nowadays many companies are opting for a specialized workforce manager, but studies reveal that only one third or perhaps one fourth of all these companies are using actual workforce management tools or software applications. However, the industry analyses tend to forecast a dynamic and colossal growth in the market of workforce management software in the coming days and a career in workforce management solutions can be pretty rewarding.

Career in Workforce Management Solutions

Since workforce management as a professional career is still relatively a new concept, a student looking to explore how to become a successful workforce manager must be flooding with a host of questions. Is a career in workforce management solutions a good option? What are precisely the workforce management career prospects and how much workforce management job opportunities are there in your country, or around the globe? Where to find workforce management job vacancy listings? What are the works and pay scales of a workforce manager? Where to study workforce management? Which will be the best workforce management course and institution to opt for? We will try to answer these possible questions here.

Pay Scales / Salaries of Workforce Analyst and Manager Jobs

If you have managerial aptitude and the right acumen for market research, coupled with precious soft skills like good communicative competence, leadership quality, time management and multitasking, you should excel as a workforce analyst or manager. From the financial point of view, a career in workforce analysis and management is definitely a good option. The salary or pay scales for workforce analysts and managers in India is pretty good, which ranges from roughly Rs. 175,000 /- to Rs. 550,000/- per annum, including the bonus. In the US, the pay scale for a workforce analyst or manager varies between 25 to 60 thousand USD per annum, including bonus, profit shares and other pays.

Where to Study: Workforce Management Courses and Institutions

Workforce Management is a often part of HR training or other relevant management courses in most of the countries, including India. However, with the dynamic growth that the market of workforce management is experiencing of late, there might soon be dedicated workforce management training institutions in India with specialized and focused workforce management courses.

Workforce Manager and Analysts Jobs in India and Abroad

Now the last but perhaps the most crucial thing, job vacancies for workforce analysts and managers. Check out our listings of Workforce Management jobs and recruitments in India. For a directory listing of job vacancies for workforce managers and analysts outside India, browse Overseas Management Jobs.

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