How to develop soft skills for IT sector professionals and managers?

Soft skills for IT are nowadays very important for getting IT jobs. Learn what are the soft skills for IT sector jobs, IT soft skills training and how to develop soft skills for Information Technology sector professionals and managers.

Soft skills for IT sector professionals are just as much important as they are for a schoolteacher, a lecturer, or a lawyer; and if you think that all you require to become a successful IT professional is technical skills or hard skills, you are riding very much to the wrong direction. Employability in the Information Technology sector nowadays depend very much on soft skills are better positions and high paying jobs go to candidates with greater communicative and leadership competence, effective team building and project management skills, and last but not the least, a better customer service. Day by day these conventional soft skills are gaining increasing importance in the IT sector. In today's world being a technically solid person just does not suffice. Along with hard technical knowledge, you also require effective business, communication and leadership skills. Remember, developing IT soft skills might make the only difference between you and the other candidates looking for IT jobs.

Top 7 Soft Skills for IT Sector Professionals and Managers

Soft skills are many in number but some of them can be tagged as classic or traditional soft skills. Here we have given a list of what are the IT sector professionals soft skills. We have tried to define every soft skill from an analytical perspective, attempted at establishing their requirements and their roles in an IT candidate's employability, as well as provided some IT soft skills tips that will let you know how to develop IT soft skills at home

The right attitude - an essential soft skill

Many will be surprised seeing this as the foremost soft skill. I think it should be. Without the right and positive attitude nothing can happen. And sorry to say, developing a positive attitude has no short cut therapy, neither any effective course in any institution. It can only be developed by cautious and constant practises. And, how to know if you have the right attitude or not? Well, if you call a glass with 50% water "half full" rather than "half empty", know that we have the right attitude!

How to develop good communication skills at home

Whether it is IT or any profession, getting your message across is a must. For that, you need good communication skills, which can easily be developed and practised at home without any specialized trainings. The foremost thing you need to learn that people will pay heed to your words only when you yourself listen to them attentively. So, to be a good speaker, be a good listener first. Look into the eyes of the speaker while listening. Do not under or overreact. Be attentive actually, and do not just pretend to be attentive, which will definitely annoy the speaker. If you are listening to a foreign speaker and do not understand the accent or the language well, request the person to speak slowly, being honest about your problems.

Speak clearly while speaking and use your body languages or gestures to support your voice. However, do not overact here too. If you are speaking a language you are not good at, try to speak slowly which will minimize pronunciation and grammatical errors. Cross cultural and corporate communications are also often required for IT corporate professionals. These, however, cannot be developed at home and are only enhanced with actual exposure to such situations. However, attending some lectures or doing some courses on developing corporate communication skills for IT professionals might always help. Browse our articles to find out more about cross cultural communications.

Business writings for IT sector professionals

Writing is an art and effective and efficient business writing is more than a skill. It is, to be simple, a must in today's corporate world. For effective business writing, you need a thorough understanding of the business style you are associated with. Reading and listening more is a conventional but fruitful approach for enhancing one's writing styles. You can also consider making the most of some custom templates to simplify and speed up your business writing. You can find lots of business writings templates in

Leadership and team building for IT professionals

Remember the famous lines by Shakespeare from Twelfth Night - "Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them" (Twelfth Night Act II, Scene V)? Not all are born leaders. In fact, the idea of a born leader is a very archaic one and like every other soft skills, leadership qualities and team building abilities are also skills that are developed with time and can be sharpened by practice. For a good leader, it is often crucial to recognize when leadership is actually needed; posing like the army lieutenant everywhere and every moments can push you aloof from your co-workers. Read more articles in on developing leadership qualities.

Developing negotiating skills for IT pros

Negotiation, in the simplest words, occur when you are looking forward to acquire something which other peoples, and clearly your contestants, are longing for as well. A mistake that people commit in negotiations very often is that they do not understand their limits and often go too far. Remember, taking you too far beyond your capabilities and thereby disrupting the balance of your company can also be a negative strategy of your contestants in the market. Let's take an example to get this clearer. You are the manager of a football club and you are looking forward to get a particular player signed, whom your rival club also wants. You can spend, for example, $1000 per year for that particular player. If you keep bargaining with your rival club and finally make the player sign for a sum of $1500 per year, that might disrupt your finance. Be warned, your rival club might have actually wanted that and they had no real intention to get that player themselves; they only wanted to overburden you financially.

Negotiation in the win-win situations is a little bit different. The objective of a win win negotiation is to find out a solution acceptable to both the negotiators. Let us take yet another football example where you are trying to sign a free player and are negotiating about the salaries with the agent of the player. While you will try to get the player at the cheapest budget, the agent will try to milk out as much cash as possible. However, remember the player will only sign with your club if both he and you are happy to some extent with the negotiation results. In another article, we have discussed in detail how to develop win win negotiation skills.

Time management and multitasking tips for IT professionals

Time management is quite essential for whatever you do. Since the earliest days of human civilization, people have preferred the person who can do the most work in the least time. So you have to manage your priorities and schedule them according to your work time. Find out the best use for your time. A professional worker does not work all the time, rather makes the best use of the time. Try to be a multi-tasker. Multitasking requires a great collaboration of your mind and hands which can only be practised over a long time.

Minimizing stress at the workplace will also help you make the best use of your time. While there are hundreds of ways to relieve stress and everything does not suit everyone. You need to find out which is the best way to relieve your stress. This might a be a light drink at the pub after the work hours, a few hours at the billiards table or any other game you like, watching films or any recreational activity that suits you the best. Yoga for relieving stress is also a universally accepted method.

Problem solving tips for IT professionals

Who does not face a problem in the life or in the workplace? However, many of us never actually feel that problem solving is itself a very crucial soft skill. Often we fail to get to the root of the problem which needs a thorough analysis of the crisis, and which often helps solving half of it. Check out our expert articles on problem solving approaches and various problem solving tools to develop good crisis management skills for IT professionals.

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