Techniques and preparation for Win - Win Negotiation

Win-Win Negotiation will be successful only when both parties have Negotiation skills. This article gives you more details about Negotiation techniques to make a Win Win situation. This article gives you some important points for preparing for preparation for Win-Win Negotiation.

Techniques for Win-Win Negotiation

Win-Win Negotiation is more useful in solving conflicts and problems. Negotiation is a skill which is required for both the parties for solving a difficult situation. If both parties are having Negotiation skill it will ultimately results in successful Win-Win Negotiation where you can easily find solution for any problems or conflicts. Negotiation are applied in many situation according to the depth of the problem. There will be different and one side situations and proper negotiation techniques should be applied in those case. For example, If you are trying to deal with a person whose help is not needed after your deal, You should use "play hardball" Negotiation style to win the situation which is common in house sales.

Another style of Negotiation is "gamesmanship" which is used in situations like when a person who deals with large sale of a item, here you have to use "gamesmanship" to win the situation. But this techniques cannot be applied when you have to deal with people through out your life and it will lead to conflicts and in that case honesty and openness are the two factors considered to make a Win-Win Negotiation.

How to prepare for Win-Win Negotiation?

how to prepare for win win negotiation and techniques of successful win win negotiation Finding solutions to a problem is a skill which is required for all persons. To make a win win negotiation both parties should consider honesty and openness as the main factors. Before preparing for a successful negotiation, the following points should be considered.

* Negotiation is required in case of a problem or conflict. You should have a clear idea about the problem of both parties and also make different solutions for the problem before the start of negotiation. If the problem is complicated and cannot solved by the two parties, A third person should be appointed to find a solution which will benefit both parties. Always consider a win win negotiation in mind. You should also give and allow time and preferences for the other party to bring some solutions to the problem. If both parties agree and have accepted the solution of the problem, there will be win win situation where both parties will benefit.

* Comfortable solution is the main aim of Negotiation. You should consider the comfort of you and the other party to settle the disputes. Comfort in both the parties is one of the important factors in the negotiation. Both parties should have interest in solving the problem. A solution should be made in a way that both parties end up in a Win Win situation. Different types of solutions should be put forward while negotiating, and consider the best one which suits both parties to agree to the problem. Asking question is one of the best methods for understanding the other party's comfort and demand and you can make negotiation accordingly.

* Maintaining a good Relationships are important and should not end in a conflict. Negotiation should be balanced and consider the relationship of other parties, whether it affects the relationship. If you need to continue and carry on the relationship with the other party, you should create a good environment, which will not affect the relationship of both the parties. If you end up the negotiation process without proper solution, It will affect your relationship in the future. The best solution for negotiating in such a situation is appointing a third person to solve the problem, which will make the situation better.

* One of the best and effective methods is to make a good preparation for both parties before negotiation can give better results to the problem. A detailed study about the problem has to be made. Check out the history of similar types of conflicts and problems and understand how they handle the situation. Both parties should make a study about outcomes and try to make a similar solutions and atmosphere. This is one of the best and easiest methods to make a successful negotiation. Improper application of this similar situation will badly affect the whole negotiation process. So this method should be applied only after detailed study of the past.

* You should consider consequences for you and other party from the negotiation made. A positive mind should be kept by both parties to make a win win Negotiation. End up with a better solution, which will suit both parties. You should not allow more people in negotiation process, which will results in a bad impact in finding the solution to the problem. More people in a negotiation process will results in different opinions and less solutions and also chance of conflicts. So while negotiating, only two parties should be involved and if there is any complicated process, a third party can be appointed.

* Patience and listening skill is the most important part of Negotiation. Both parties must have the quality of Listening skill and patience, which will result in a Win Win negotiation. You should allow the other party to talk and tell his suggestions without any interruption, for this you have to develop some patience and listening skill. Interact in a calm manner without telling any bad words. If there is a harsh situation Win Win negotiation will change into a worse and conflict situation.

Reference books to make Win-Win Negotiation successful

* Successful Negotiation Effective “Win-Win" Strategies and Tactics by Robert B. Maddux

* Negotiate to Win: The 21 Rules for Successful Negotiating by Jim Thomas

* The Heart and Mind of the Negotiator by Professor Leigh Thompson

* The Art and Science of Negotiation by Howard Raiffa

* Essentials of Negotiation by John W. Minton

* Getting Together: Building Relationships As We Negotiate by Roger Fisher

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