How to make Cross-Cultural Communication effective?

Cross-Cultural Communication is getting more popular and demanding in the modern days. This article gives you complete information about Cross-Cultural Communication. Strategies to make Cross-Cultural Communication effective are also quoted in this article.

About Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Communication will be effective when communicators have sufficient knowledge and skills in all aspects of the culture. We are living in modern society with latest technological development which includes computers and electronic devices as a main part of our life. There are different business opportunities where we have to deal with different kinds of people from different culture.

So it is necessary to develop a better and successful Cross-Cultural Communication skill in the modern period. for making a good Cross-Cultural Communication, we must have a good knowledge about all types of cultures and cultural background of different people in different parts of the world. Language is one of the important part of Cross-Cultural Communication where you have to talk in a language where both communicators understand.

Strategies to make Cross-Cultural Communication effective

Cross Cultural Communication Soft Skills
Strategies to make effective Cross-Cultural Communication are given below.
1) Flexibility in character is an important strategy to make effective Cross-Cultural Communication. As you have to deal with different people of different cultures, you should not stick on your normal character and talk and you have to change and join according to their culture to make the communication more effective. You should be flexible while communicating, which means you should change your talk and behavior according to the character of other party, and make him join with you. This will also help you to create a cool and friendly atmosphere between you and the communicator. if you are flexible, you can change according to the situation.

2) Honesty is very much needed in a cross - cultural communication. Being honest will make the communication better and success. If one person is honest and other party is not, the communication will not go in a smooth manner. Honest communication will also strengthen the relationship between the parties of different cultures. While making a Cross-Cultural Communication both parties should be honest in what they are saying. Other wise you will not get the right result. This can result in a perfect deal with both the parties of the communication. if you are discussing about an important business matter honest in both parties will results in making some important and successful decisions and deals.

3) Listening skill is an important part of Cross-Cultural Communication. A person who has less concentration and listening skill of other's talk will not make Cross-Cultural Communication effective. You have to deal with different types of people in Cross-Cultural Communication where you have to give more importance only to the communication process with out engaging in any other activities. You should be calm and quiet while listening to other's talk to for smooth communication process. You will be communicating to persons having different culture and back ground, So you should listen to their talk actively with out engaging in other activities, which will make Cross-Cultural Communication effective.

4) Respecting each other is an important strategy to make Cross-Cultural Communication effective. Respect should be given on all talks and forms in Cross-Cultural Communication. Both parties should give equal respect in all talks and opinions each other. There will be different opinion for the other communicator; in that situation you should give some respect in his suggestions. You should not fix on your opinion and suggestion, you should also give equal preference to other party also and if he agrees to your decision, communication will be affective between the parties of different backgrounds.

5) As you are communicating with different people having different cultures, Understanding each other is an important skill to make Cross-Cultural Communication effective. Asking questions helps you to get a better idea and understand about the communicator. A better understanding about the party and situation will gives more confidence in solving the problem and more solutions for the problem. Both communicating parties should have skills in recognizing complexity of the decisions and talks, which will help in a better settlement of the matter, discussed without any conflicts.

6) Building self-awareness and confidence is one of the important Strategy for effective Cross-Cultural Communication. Both parties should be self aware for making successful cross cultural communication. This can be developed only by dealing with different kinds of people having different culture and background. You should aware before making a talk or decision and think twice for effective and successful deal. Self-awareness can be developed by asking questions about yourself and finding answers to the and you will get a better idea about yourself. Self-awareness also improves confidence in making a smooth cross-cultural communication.

Reference books to improve Cross-Cultural Communication

You can refer any of the books given for improving your Cross-Cultural Communication

1) Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting In Around the World by Duane Elmer

2) 52 Activities for Improving Cross-Cultural Communication by Donna M. Stringer and Patricia A. Cassiday

3) Guide to Cross-Cultural Communications by Sana Reynolds, Deborah Valentine and Mary M. Munter

4) Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Communication by William Gudykunst

5) Cross-Cultural Communication: The Essential Guide to International Business by John Mattock

6) Cross-Cultural Dialogues: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference by Craig Storti

7) Beyond Language: Cross Cultural Communication by Deena R. Levine

8) Cross-Cultural Communication: Concepts, Cases and Challenges by Francisca O Norales

9) Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts by David C. Thomas

10) International Communications Strategy: Developments in Cross-Cultural Communications, PR and Social Media by Silvia Cambie

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