How to make Team Management Skills effective?

Managing a team in a company is not a simple task for the manager or team leader and it requires some skills to be applied for getting successful results. This article gives you some important points, which is required to develop your Management skills.

Team Management Skills

Successful management of the team will give positive and good results. Team management is an important task for managers and supervisors in the company. Combined team efforts will provide high profit and good results for the company, so it is necessary to adopt some key skills for managing the team. All members in the team should contribute equally and actively for the company.

A good manager who is expert in applying management skills in a team will results in high growth of the company. A good team manager or supervisor must develop key ideas and strategies for making the team more active and enthusiastic. A manager alone cannot complete all the tasks successfully and requires some help from his team or subordinates and the members in the team should also think like this.

So for achieving the target both manager and team members together have to do their task. The manager should bring all team members together and give them proper instructions to achieve the goal of the company. There are different strategies for developing Team management skills. Proper application of these skills in the team will give good results and helps in achieving the target.

Strategies and skills required for effective Team Management

Team Management
1) For making the team management more effective the manager or supervisor of the team must have pleasing behavior towards the team members. A strict mentality towards the members will gives negative results and conflicts.
A team leader should be cool and behave according to the situation demands. A good behavior will always comes in a routine life and family backgrounds will also determines the behavioral skill. Behavior also plays an important role in making good relationships in a team. A leader having good behavioral skill will always liked by the members which will improve the team efforts also.

2) A team manager must have excellent judgment skill. He should have ability to understand the good and bad of any event in the company. A good judgment can create a huge change in the overall functions of the company. A leader having good judgment skills can easily understand the ability and behavior of each member in a team is an important job of a team leader and adopt strategies to each member according to their character. This can be achieved by making a detailed study about the members. A leader must consider all factors in mind before making a judgment.

3) All leaders and team managers in the company must possess motivational skills. A better motivation will provide a extra boost to your members to achieve the target successfully. A motivation can be shown with words or incentives. A good appreciation or giving some incentives according to the performance is some motivational techniques, which should be used by the team leaders or managers in the company. Giving motivation to the team members is an important skill required by the manager or supervisor, if the member achieve a target within time, team leader should give some words of appreciation which will give a boost and positive for the member.

4) A team manager must have ability to store confidential information without any leak outside the team. Manager must have skill to make understand to the team members about the importance of some secret data, which should be kept secret. Some data of the company will be confidential and should be kept secret. A leader and manager must have skills to govern the members with regard to company's official and secret information's, which should not be out from any members in your team. This can be done through proper giving proper training to the members of your team. A leak data will completely affect the overall performance of the company

5) A team manager must develop skills to see all members in a team equally without making any distinction in the members and also make all members in a team to participate in team discussions of the company. Each member of the team is having skills and power. A team manager must give equal importance to all decisions and responses from the members. A team member can contribute well if he is treated well. A good team will create a good team manager, so equal importance should be given to all members in the team. There will be high skilled member and low skilled member in your team, a leader should maintain stability in dealing with all members in the team without making any class distinction among the members of your team.

6) Delegation is a process of giving authority and responsibility from a team manager to the members to do operations of the company. Delegation will also provide freedom for members to take decisions according to their ideas and thoughts. The manager should delegate his power to the members according to the capacity and power of the member in a team. An improper delegation will badly affect the company's performance. Delegation is an important task of the team leader. Proper delegation of tasks will give good results. Delegation of task should be done carefully according to the ability and character of each member in a team. Team manager must have skill to understand each member and his ability to do the task.

7) A team manager must have Communication skills, where you have to deal with different kinds of members in the team.In a company, there will be different types of people coming from various parts of the country who are having different cultures. A team manager must have excellent communication skill to deal with these people. Before making a communication, a manager or team leader must have clear idea about the matter and should give importance to major points while talking. Important Points should be repeated in the conversations. Communication skills can be improved by conducting regular meetings with members and giving and listening ideas from members.

8) Discipline is an important part of any company. A good team manager must create a discipline-working environment in the company. Stable disciplinary actions should be taken by the Team manager towards his members for smooth running of the company. Manager must put forward some Discipline policy which have to be applied in members within the rules of the company. A good discipline will improve the reputation of the company. Maintaining Discipline in the team is important skill required for the Manager. A loose Mentality towards the members in a team will give negative results and poor relationship between the manager and team members.

Reference books to improve Team Management Skills

* Managing people-- : what's personality got to do with it? by Carol Ritberger

* Instant team building by Bradley J. Sugars

* Coaching, mentoring & managing by Micki Holliday

* How to communicate with confidence by Colleen McKenna

* Cultural intelligence : people skills for global business by David C.Thomas and Kerr Inkson


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