How to develop the essential leadership qualities and team building soft skills

A leader must have some good skill in controlling his subordinates of the company. This article gives you complete information about Leadership qualities. More details about Different skills and qualities required for a leader is also quoted in this article. Read the article full for more details

About Leadership skills

Leading a team or company is not a simple task; it requires skills and knowledge to be applied. No person is born with leadership qualities, Leadership skill developed with experience and knowledge. A leader should be capable of controlling the whole group or team. A leader is also responsible to control all operations and create harmony in a team or a company.

Successful results can be achieved only if the person leading the team must adopt different leadership strategies and skills. A good leader must be capable of creating a better working environment in the team for good results. A good leader must give correct guidelines for the team members for achieving the target. In a company there will be different types of people who comes from different culture.

A good leader must be aware of all functions and operations of the company. A good leader must be a good trainer; he should be capable of giving proper training to the members of his team. A leader is responsible in maintaining discipline in the company. There are different leadership skills and strategies, which is required to control the overall team and operations of the company.

Qualities required for a good leader

There are different qualities required to become a good leader.

1) Leadership skills are not born talent; it should be cultivated with continuous practice and experience. A good judging from others about your leadership skills can help you to improve your skills better. A feedback is always necessary to improve the techniques and skills of leadership. A sound judgment from others will get a clear idea about your skills and make improvement if necessary.

2) You are the boss and leader of the company you can make decisions in a strict manner but it should not create a bad feeling to the members in your team. You should have the quality of explaining the details about the decisions taken in a soft manner and make your members understand about the decisions taken before making them to question your ideas. You can use your power but use it only in a smooth and good manner, which will create a good environment in members and company.

3) One of the important qualities a leader must have is that the leader must have listening power and should be capable of accepting all ideas, actions and decisions of your members also. You should also allow your members to involve in decisions and suggestions from them; it can be some time valuable and helpful for the company. A leader must trust his members and can make a good judgment about their views and decisions in aright way. There can be intelligent members in your team and allow them to give and take some key decisions and suggestions.

4) A leader must be a good learner. A leader should not think that he is the only one who is expert in all activities of the company. No leaders are 100% perfect for the first time, they will attain it only through experience. A good leader must also give chance to his members in taking some key decisions and solutions to a problem. No person is expert on all. A Leader must avoid thinking that he is expert in all events in the company. A leader must give way to his subordinates also where a leader can learn lot from his members also.

5) A good leader will always arise from a good team. A leader should always have some good qualities to build his team in a right and proper way and manner. Your success is based on your team's performance, If the team failed to achieve the target or goals it is the mistake of leader and make necessary actions to improve your team. If you create a bad impression on your team, it will affect the whole working environment of the team and you cannot become a good leader. A leader must join with his members, which will make them more active in their work.

Required Skills of Leadership

There are different skills in leadership, which is to be applied in different situations.
1) Communication skill is one of the most important parts of Leadership. There will be different types of people in the company where you have to treat and handle with different communication techniques. Communication skills have to be developed by regular deal and talk with different kinds of people in different parts of the country.

2) A good leader must maintain a smooth relationship with his members of the company. A good relationship will give a boost and motivation to the members, which will result in achieving the goals successfully.

3) Developing and giving guidelines to team members is one of the important leadership skill. Firstly, the leader must be developed in order to make his members develop. A good leader must give proper guidelines to his members of the team or company too achieves the goals successfully.

4) A leader must have Decision skills in taking quick decisions. A leader must be capable of taking quick decisions. Decisions should be taken according to the situation demand. There will be difficult situations where you have to take key decisions at the time. Decision taking is a skill, which should be developed by the leaders to take key decisions.

5) Planning skills is also important for a good leader. A good leader must be a good planner. If proper planning is made, Target can be easily achieved. Planning is one of the most important and key skill required for a leader for making a good planning to achieve the targets of the company. Before setting a goal, proper planning should be made to achieve it successfully.

Reference books to improve Leadership skills and qualities

1) Leaders Make The Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain World by Bob Johansen

2) Leading Together: Foundations of Collaborative Leadership. Curriculum for the Classroom, Grades 8 - 12 by Laurie Frank, Carol Carlin, Jack Christ

3) The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner

4) Leadership: Theory and Practice by Dr. Peter Northouse

5) On Becoming A Leader by Warren G. Bennis

6) Leadership by James MacGregor Burns

7) Leadership Is An Art by by Max De Pree

8) Why Leaders Can't Lead: The Unconscious Conspiracy Continues by by Warren Bennis

9) What Leaders Really Do by John P. Kotter

10) Leadership from the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life by Kevin Cashman

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