EPFO Office Work Aptitude Model MCQ

Looking for EPFO mutiple choice questions for SSA entrance? Here you can get sample solved sample paper for EPFO Office Work Aptitude test. Get in here to know what type of questions you will get on EPFO exam for SSA.

EPFO Model MCQ paper for Office Work Aptitude is yet another set of questions we have here for you to prepare for EPFO exam for SSA. From this sample paper of EPFO objective type questions on Office work aptitude, you can get an idea of what type of questions you will get for your exam. On EPFO office work aptitude test you will get questions on file indexing, how to seggregate them, styles of letter writings, technologies used for accounting purpose, primary functions of an organization and so on. So we hope this will help you on how to prepare for EPFO exam for SSA for office work aptitude question paper.

1. Office work involves
a) preparation and maintenance of records
b) making them available as and when necessary
c) papers preserved for future reference.
d) All the above
Ans. d)

2. An efficient filing systems objective is
a) To classify and arrange records properly.
b) To protect documents against possible loss or damage.
c) To provide a method of obtaining information without loss of time.
d) To enable past records to be made easily available to management for
framing business policies and future plans.
e) all the above

Ans e)

3. Main characteristics of a good filing system are
a) Simplicity
b) Accessibility
c) Compactness
d) Clarity
e) All the above

Ans e)

4. Franking machine is used for

a. Duplicating
b. Accounting work
c. Punching cards
d. Stamp fixing

Ans d)

5. The main advantage of centralized office organization is
a. Secrecy of business affairs is maintained
b. Low cost of its operation
c. Wide dispersal of authority is possible
d. It leads to employment of larger number of supervisors


6. In which of the methods of filing, files or folders are kept in a horizontal position?
a) Vertical filing
b) Suspension filing
c) lateral filing system
d Box files
e.All of these

Ans c)

7. Mimeograph is a

a. Stencil duplicator
b. Method of photocopying
c. Process of blue printing
d. None of the above
Ans a)

8. One of the primary functions of an office is to
a. Appoint the company secretary
b. Appoint workers
c. Provide training facilities
d. Provide the requisite information
Ans d)

9. Inward Mail means

a. Mail received in the office
b. Mail sent out to customers]
c. Personal mail received by the employees
d. Personal mail sent by the employees
Ans a)

10.The internal mail implies

a. The written messages transmitted within the organization
b. The letters posted in the same city
c. The letters posted within India
Ans a)

11. In which of the following types of office organization, expert advisers are engaged to advice the executive?

a. Line organization
b. Functional organization
c. Line and staff organization
d. Committee organization
Ans c)

12. Basis of departmentation is

a. Service rendered
b. Products handled
c. Geographical area
d. Functions performed
e. Any of these
Ans e)

13. The heart of a computer system is

a. Input device
b. Output device
c. Central processing unit
Ans c)

14. The latest and the most advance communication system is

a. Telephone
b. Telex
c. Fax Machine
d. Teleprinter
Ans. a)

15. The use of office machine cannot

a. enhance production
b. save labour
c. promote accuracy
d. relieve monotony
Ans d)


a. obsolete style of letter
b. modern style of letter
c. none of the above
Ans b)

17.The advantages of MEMORANDUM style of letter writing can be described as

a. the most simplified style of letter writing
b. the most blunt and impersonal style of letter writing
c. conventional manner of letter writing
Ans c)

18. The date and subscription are written or typed on the right hand side of the paper in

a. Blocked Style of letter
b. Semi-Blocked Style of letter
c. Memorandum
d. Indented Style of letter
Ans a)

19.FULLY BLOCKED STYLE has the advantage as it

a. reduces the time of typist or writer as there are no indentations
b. keeps the right hand side blank
c. it give the freedom to use open punctuations.

Ans a)

20. Advantages of Alphabetical Filing

a. An index to records may not be needed.
b. Can be effective, if everyone adheres to filing rules.
c. Permits browsing through files.
d. all the above
Ans d)

21. Alpha Numeric Filing is

a. a combination of numeric digits and alphabet characters
b. arrangement of files in numerical order
c. arrangement of files in alphabetical order
d. arrangement of files in digits
Ans a)

22.The main advantage of a Direct Access System

a. Time associated with filing and records retrieval is reduced.
b Eliminates the need for an index.
c. Allows users to browse through files.
d. all the above
Ans d)

23Book Index is also called

a.Copy Index
b. Bound Index
c. Box Index
d. Lead Index
Ans b)

24.In loose leaf Index

a. separate loose leaves or paper-sheets are fitted into metal hinges
b.loose sheets are bounded with staples
c.all the leaves are separated
d.none of the above
Ans. a)

25.Communication is a process of

a. exchanging thoughts and views
b. exchanging papers
c. exchanging hands
d. exchanging smiles
Ans a)

26.Communication can be

a. Internal
c.Both of them
Ans c)

27.Face to face communication is the example of

a. written communication
b. oral communication
c. both of them
d. none of them
Ans b)

28.Speaking tubes is one of the

a. method to communicate
b. mechanical device for oral communication
c. helping device for written communication
d. none of the above
Ans b)

29.Dictating machine is used for
a. recording written messages
b. record oral messages
c. messages
ans b)

30.A machines which can communicate image of scripts, original documents is called

a. Telex
b. Teleprinter
c. Fax
d. Photocopier
Ans c)

31.Letters which are written on routine basis are called

a. Normal letters
b. Routine letters
c. Personal Letters
d. Formal letters
Ans b)

32.Indented Style of letter is

a. the traditional style of letter writing
b. modern method of letter writing
c. routine style of letter writing
d. none of the above
Ans a)

33.Fully Blocked Style is the one which has

a. Each and every part of the letter is written towards the left hand margin of the paper.
b. Each and every part of the letter is written towards the right hand margin of the paper.
c. Each and every part is scattered with banging paragraphs
d. Each and every part is centralized with respect to margins
Ans b)

34.Franking machine is used for

a. Duplicating
b. Accounting work
c. Punching cards
d. Stamp fixing

Ans d)

35. Machine which is used for accounting purpose is called

a. Punching Machine
b.Duplicating Machine
c.Adding Machine
d.Accounting Machine
Ans d)

36.In Pigeon Hole system

a. Files or folders are kept in a standing upright position
b. Files are kept in the horixontal manner
c. Files are arranged in the different shelves
d. None of the above
Ans c)

37.The best aid to filing is

a. Cabinets
b. Indexing
c. Shelves
d. Almirahs
Ans a)

38.When all mailing operations are handled at one place is called

a. Centralization of mailing services
b. Decentralization of mailing services
c. Coordinating mailing services
d. Mechanizing mailing services
Ans a)

39. Centralization of authority means

a. giving permission to the subordinate to do his work
b. conveying what the subordinate is expected to do
c. delegating responsibility
d. departmentalizing activities
Ans a)

40. Privacy can be maintained in the

a. Closed office
b. Open Office
c. Cabinets
d. All the above

Ans a)

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