Competitive exam preparation tips on how to answer open ended questions and essay questions

Looking for how to answer open ended questions for job exams? Get in here to know about subjective type open ended questions and essay questions for competitive job exams.

We have already learned the art of How to answer close ended questions for competitive examination and this is my follow up article on How to prepare of a job exam. Today in most of the competitive exams like SSC, ACIO-IB etc., you have to face two types of examination pattern as follows.

  1. Objective Type Questions (MCQ)
  2. Subjective Type - Descriptive Essay Questions

Now I am going to show you how to answer subjective type questions to help you in performing with win-win attitude during your examination.

In the descriptive part of the competitive exam there will be two type of questions viz Essay questions and writing task (Passage. Let's now see this two types of descriptive questions.
  1. In Essay type descriptive question you get question related to
    a) The question can be on latest trends, common social issues, and situations or on other topics related to the subjected area for that you are appearing.
    b) Question can be on real time practical situations in that you have to answer by doing a case study.
    c) Such questions requires you to answer in detailed voice
    d) Such situational questions can be of the following issues like - Describe the actions you would take. Study the case and describe the issues and mistakes, If you was on that position how you tackle?

  2. Writing task question can be -
    a) In writing task question your English and Professional writing etiquette going to be judged.
    b) You might have to write seen or unseen passages, applications and correspondence letter.
    c) Formally these questions are made to judge your written communication skills and your hand writing as well

Here are some unique ways and tips to answer subjective question for competitive exams -
  1. As I always recommended you read the question paper and start attempting from the highest value questions.

  2. While choosing the question please rate your intelligence level with the difficulty of question and start answering from your comfort zone, this way you would be able to keep your confidence level up.

  3. Before giving your views about the question please make some short notes by pencil first and use your imagination to make a magnificent answer.

  4. Try to answer with heading and bullet points under them, to highlight something use italic or underline format.

  5. Do time management on each question, write on the bases of value of the question if an answer giving you higher marks make it more descriptive.

  6. Do not leave any answer incomplete or all answer incomplete just to answer all question.

  7. Some common key verbs in subjective type question and their meaning-
    a) Compare- Ask you to find similar and differences
    b) Contrast- To answer with differences
    c) Critique or Evaluate- Ask you to answer with Opinion about positive and negative sides
    d) Define- Ask you to answer with meaning and purpose not the details
    e) Discuss- To answer with merit and demerit
    f) Explain- Give your answer by writing about the current situation and happening related to the topic
    g) Identify- List the new aspect and describe them
    h) Summarize- Start writing with keeping points in mind and end with a fruitful conclusion
    i) Solve- Find out the solution for the given problem on the bases of given fact.

  8. Before start writing design a body with head line and sub headlines and order for them to write.

  9. To outline your answer start with logical active language and use most appropriate keywords related to the subject

  10. Use professionally accepted language always remember the rule of avoiding negative, obscene and misleading words in your writing.

  11. Answer on the bases of provided situation instead of vague facts.

  12. Be concise, courteous, clean, complete, considerate, concrete and correct.

  13. Don't avoid any part or leave any question incomplete until or unless you are satisfied with the answer, make it sure all the part asked in question have been covered.

  14. Never skip essential points and steps

  15. Making data, charts and analytic to represent facts will help you to achieve an extra platform in glance of examiner.

  16. Count the pages provided in booklet and design your pattern of writing with available number of pages, sometimes we wins the time but loses the paper for writing more.

  17. Don't use difficult words if they don't have any importance in writing, sometimes you loses the platform just because of such over confident language.

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