Language essential for being expressive - Language proficiency and communicative competence skills

As communication is a medium to convey basic information to the concerned audience, it is very critical to be be proficient in language. Learning to write what flows through the mind is important skill and this needs to be nurtured from young age for better career ahead.

As new employee or new student to a centre there are certain characteristics of a person that are really needed to be aware. No matter what ever your skills, be it proficiency in MS applications, presentations, well versed in TALLY, able to write good English or local language, in built creativity, there is another very important characteristics of a person that is needed to be able to push them forward in their field of work. It' s none other that being able to express your thoughts and words to the audience concerned.

In these times of technological advancement, there is access to most of the technology and these have not only reduced contact with each other but also with their own family members. Students of these generation have access to gadgets in various forms like mobile, smart phone, tablets, home PCs and what not. Scientific inventions are to be used the proper way. These technological advancements are to be used for being able to communicate faster and easier. These are to be used for linking ourselves to the outside world rather than chat within a class room or office. Soft Skills on Language Proficiency By doing so, chatting by mobiles has become a trend wherein a friend does not share useful matter but gossips. The outcome is that languages developed throughout the previous generations are not being used for the purpose of communication but for the sake of getting through exams. Little do they know that this is important for being able to communicate what goes on inside their mind.

The art of communication needs to be nurtured from small age and must continue till their graduation so that when the youngsters come out they will be able to face the work environment with confidence. There needs to be open discussions and topics given to children from the age of 10 to be able to develop the art of reading and writing. Children now are reading and writing less with the onset of personal computers and smart phones. Their minds get diverted to online features which range from movies, games and social network. Writing skills are slowing dying out as there are various contents available just by a click of mouse and 'abracadabra' there is ready made written articles. They can copy and paste, present it to the school or college projects.

It is very essential that teachers in schools and lecturers in colleges needs to have a weekly or monthly classrooms debates or seminars that should be conducted on the spot on any topic on earth and on any subject to create free flowing thoughts to be spoken out amongst an ambient audience, their own class mates. The shy ones will learn to cope with their fear of language and become more outspoken with time and efforts. This needs to be a part of education system of today as language is not treated a prime subject.

Students of tomorrow should be bestowed with talent to express their findings in proper words through their language they learn. This is not only needed to converse with their fellow friends, teachers, society but also through mails as this is the medium of communication with the outside society as the world is now inside our palms. Just ask a question.'how does the water pump work' or how do you travel to college', what do you do after you reach home' are some of the many topics that teachers can pose them and see how many of them are able to write in sequential words their daily routines 'expressively'.

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