Top 10 bank interview questions and how to reply - A Guide for Bank Interview Preparation

Looking for bank interview preparation after your bank exams and results? Get in here to know top 10 questions on bank interview and tips to answer well.

With the completion of exams and announcements of results does not complete the process of getting bank jobs. There is always a last stage - the interview. Interviews are the gateway to your job! Though you could have gone through the written paper well, selections are always based on face to face interview. This is mainly to judge the personality, communication and problem solving skills of the candidate. The face to face interaction lasts for no longer than 20 – 25 mins., but its implications are tremendous. The only way to get through is to be prepared well in advance.

Top 10 bank interview questions and how to reply

1. How to reply for bank interview question on Personal details?
Usually the bank interview starts with the question on personal details. So the usual question will be "Tell us about yourself". Let's see how you should reply.
  • Start with your family background and move to tell your skills, achievements, previous experiences,abilities.Always be calm and use simple language.

    Example: I am XYZ and come from... where I did my graduation in... specializing in... I did my... course in... at...

  • Avoid giving more details of your family and college.

    Bank Interview Questions and TipsExample: My father is... and my college is... which is famous and admits... students. It has... facilities... with... etc

  • Highlight your strengths that will be relevant for your job.

    Example: I have good communication skills (OR) I like interacting with people and help to coach them OR I am comfortable in analyzing problems and able to find out appropriate solutions and can work in a team, etc.,

  • Highlight on the projects done, if any. Projects done during your semester and explain a little about it.

    Example: I have done project in 'Analysis of...' during the 6th semester of my course.

  • Why you had applied and how would you like to see 5 years down the line. This is to know about your commitment to your job.

    Example: I am interested to make long-term commitment to the organisation by making use of the sources available. I am prepared to learn new things and contribute to the overall success of the organisation. I am confident that here I will be able to upgrade my skills and help the organisation to excel in various ways

2. Know your resume for resume based questions on interview
Resume speaks a lot. So know your resume well as you might get questions on bank interview based on resume. As resume is official document about you, study it well. Pay attention to the details while filling up the form given at the interview venue and have in mind the questions will be based on it. Do not say what is not true about you. Visit here for resume writing tips

3. Bank interview question especially for engineering candidates and how to reply?
Being an Engineering candidate and having applied for bank job you might be questioned to know the reason for your shift in your career. So be ready for that. The question might be as follows.

"Why do you choose to work in a bank?" OR 'Why do you want to work in a government bank when you can get paid better in a private or public firm?"

Example: "There is more opportunity and growth in banking sector in recent trend". Manipulate your answers to ensure them that the engineering skills can help to upgrade their business relationships by more interaction with people.

4. How to reply for Bank interviews on Technical related questions?
You need to be prepared to answer for bank interview questions on technical related issues. The technical based questions in bank interviews is to test your knowledge on how well you are aware of banking terms and technologies, how well you are updated with business and general knowledge and so on. Let's see how to prepare for technical questions asked in bank interviews.
  • Bank terminologies
    There are roughly around 100 – 130 terms that are regularly used in banking sector.

    Example: Term loan, Trial balance, Bank rate, repo rate, SLR (Statuatory liquidity rate), CRR (Cash reserve ratio), RTGS, inflation. In case you are not sure then reply, 'No idea' and allow to move to next topic

  • Updates on news related to business sector and current trends:
    Read websites or newspapers focused on business sector as the latest event can be questioned. This could mainly be on share market, mutual funds, financial institutions, BSE, Nifty, monetary policies, budgets, headlines of that day, some details about Indian economy and how it emerged after recession, how inflation can be reduced.
    Example: Interest rates hike by RBI, cheque clearance rules, RBI Governor's name, IPL related news, deputy chairman of the planning commission, RBI role in economy

  • Basics in banking system:
    • Difference between public and private sector banks
    • Different types of loans offered in banks and their interests rates (Bank for which you are attending interview)
    • Different services offered in banks (Bank for which you are attending interview)

You can refer our database for Banking awareness questions and answers to prepare for bank interview.

5. Mode of interview in banks to test your communication skills
Interviews are mostly conducted in English to verify the communication skills. Normally, it is to know how well you can convey a message. It is better to frame short and simple sentences. Improve your communication skills on English language by taking English aptitude test to communicate well in bank interviews.

6. Possibility of re-location
Be ready with answer for possibility to relocate or work in rural areas. Clearly say whether you can relocate or not at interview itself when you are asked for.

7. Don't get trapped and be specific while you answer
Be very careful when indicating your hobbies in the form. There could be a question out of the blue! In general interview goes better when you talk less and listen more.

Example: For instance if 'Reading' is your hobby then a question like "Author for Discovery of India"

8. How to solve puzzle type questions on bank interviews?
Sometimes a situation is given and you may be asked to see how you would react to it and how you approach to solve it. During such a scenario, don't hurry and produce answers. Take some few seconds by drawing or writing down the points and seeking clarifications from the panel. By doing so, the examiners will feel that you analyse the situation before giving any conclusion. You can refer our database for puzzle type of questions on bank interviews

9. How to prepare for Bank interview questions on General knowledge?
You will be questioned on basic General Knowledge about your state or state which you are attending interview. So gather more information on your state like number of districts, ministers in the state, Governor, places of importance and so on. You can refer our database on General Knowledge questions to prepare for bank interviews.

10. Know about important personalities of India
  • Chief of planning commission
  • Chief of Election commission of India
  • Chief ministers of state
  • Governors of all states

Preparing in advance based on others experience and attending it with self confidence is key to successful career. Hope my guidance on how to answer for common questions for bank interviews will help you a lot. Help your friends by sharing it. Wishing you all the best!!

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