Public speaking - trait to develop

Making speech important during your lifetime and will be encountered on your path as your career unfold during early years or later on. Hence, the art of speaking sometimes leads you to make wonderful managers and team leaders only if you master the art of being able to speak out. This would be a in build nature of the person or may have to be developed to make a great person. How to improve communication skills? Read it.

There are many instances where anyone would be confronted with speaking to public. It could be to an audience of 2 people or 10 or even a mass gathering. How does this arise? Such a scenario pops up in a school, college, sport arena, public events or workplace. How can one speak what he/she feels about it and what do they want to convey? It is only through frequent so called 'public speaking' does one master the art of being able to say in proper language and proper sequence.

How to improve communication skills?

There is some tips for those who are not comfortable with speaking as these days we can see a lot children always glued to their television and PSP's, mobiles that they are not able to say what is in their minds, not able to express their feelings. Saying it out in words requires the mind to open to thoughts that flow and might require time and practice.

Such sessions needs to be done by parents at home also who need to spend some time with their children and allow them to share their thoughts. By creating an environment for them to speak up and express their thoughts will help them in being able to counter their fear for speaking their mind.

Tips for speaking arts

a) The first and foremost is to bolster out "nervousness". Nervousness arises when our mind envisages about 'fear of losing or failure'. Its when our body responds with this adrenaline rush bringing our heart beat increase, body sweat and our breath rate to be fast and shallow. The only way is to bring to control this fear by bringing your mind to focus on the fact that the audience is there to learn and not criticize.

Take deep breaths and let out slowly to calm your mind before speaking. This will ease the adrenaline rush. Think that you are talking to one person face to face even though there maybe more than 100. Don't focus on yourself instead think about the audience needs.

b) Think positively: Erase negative thoughts like" I will not be able to do this good". Instead visualize yourself giving a successful speech and speaking with more confidence. Use affirmations and positive thoughts to raise your confidence. Imagine yourself to give a good speech and people giving a 'thumps up' to the impact it has given them.

c) Practicing : The person must be made to speak out. The sentences can be in sequence or non-sequence but only when you practice in front of people whom you may have already been familiar with like your colleagues or classmates or parents. They can help to correct the mistakes or help you to re-organise your statements.

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