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Looking for various job vacancy and recruitment related articles in general? In this section of you will find articles on various jobs as career options in different government, public and private sectors. Know what is the scope of a particular job in your country, how to prepare for getting that job, what is the expected salary or pay scale for that job or similar other kinds of jobs in your country and abroad, and much more. Whether you are a fresher looking for the first job of your life, or a seasoned veteran in search of a different job, you can find lots of career options and recruitment scopes in this section. Compare the pay scales of various similarly clubbed jobs which will help you a lot if you are looking for a career shift or are vexed about what should be your right career option for the monetary point of view. If you are a business owner, compare what your competitors or contestants in the market are paying to their employees and find out whether you are presently underpaying or overpaying your employees. Anything related to job and recruitments and you can find it here in!

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Reasons why many job seekers failed interviews

There are few growing and established companies offering few jobs. However, there are thousands of graduates and school leavers in search of jobs year in year out. This has made interviews very competitive. Only people who distinguish themselves secure employment. Read it, how to face for successful interview?

How to handle job interview

The world today is full of the unemployed graduates of Institutions that are yet to gain employment. It is also important for them to know the intricacies associated with getting a good job and how to relate with the interviewers while in the interview. This resource teaches the unemployed the intricacies associated with interviews and it also teaches you on how to relate in the interview process.

Trends in Digital marketing

This is an era of digitalisation where technology has gradually inserted its tentacles in the area of marketing. With everyone with access to internet, all vendors look to marketing their products using the digital media. Marketing now does not require sales people to carry their samples of products to the door steps of consumers. They now need to change their strategy to use creativity and captions to capture the market trends which is ever fluctuating.

How to make good career and secure future

Are you looking for information on how to make good career and secure future? What to study after 12th or what to study after 10th exam over? Read this article to know how to proceed for a good career or better prospects.

Recruitment and Selection Process: How to increase your employability skills

Going for an interview? Know about the recruitment and selection process and get to know how to improve your employability skills among others. when you go for a interview, you will find many people coming for the same and you should be enough competitive to compete with them and get that position. So read this article to know how to stand different and increase your potential to the employability with right preparation for interviews.

How to prepare for career fairs and get a job

This article gives some handy guidance tips on how to be prepared for a career fair. There are some great career fair tips for students and professionals. After all, getting good advice for attending a career fair could land you that much coveted job!

Job Hopping : Positive or Negative for your Resume ?

Job hopping is now-a-days a very common and sticking to one job for over 10-15 years is considered "papa's style". When it comes to job hopping different age group people have different views. Here I am trying to sum up some views I have come across while sharing experiences of varied age groups.

Defining Workforce Management: Its Optimization, Systems, and Software

Vexed about the definition of workforce management optimization? Learn from this wiki article what is workforce management planning, its objectives, systems and solutions, workforce management software tools and applications and more. Explore workforce management career opportunities, salaries, and job vacancies. Keep reading!

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